On Mwrge Dragons What Cam Dragon Harvest From To Get Fruit Trees?

Up to Level 4 from Dragon Chests harvested from Fruit Trees. Fruit Tree Seeds/Fruit Tree Saplings from tapping Shimmer Fountains. Merging Fruit Tree Leaves, which can be achieved as rewards from certain levels. Elder Fruit Trees can be obtained from the 6th prize of some Events.

How do you get fruit trees in Merge dragons?

How to Gain

  1. Merge 3 to 5 Fruit Tree Seeds.
  2. Let Fruit Tree Seeds grow.
  3. Merge 3 to 5 Leaves of a Fruit Tree.
  4. As Level Rewards.
  5. Open Moon Chests or Phobos Chests.
  6. Open Dragon Egg Chests harvested from Fruit Trees.
  7. Tap the Shimmering Spring or the Fountain of Faith occasionally.
  8. Rarely from Friend Gifts.

Where do dragon trees come from in Merge dragons?

Dragon Tree Saplings can be created by merging Dragon Tree Leaves, which can be harvested from Prism Flowers, Dragon Trees, and Glowing Dragon Trees, and spawn from Dragon Trees of level 7 and higher. They can also be created by merging or growing Dragon Tree Seeds, which can be obtained as free Level Rewards.

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How do you get fruit in Merge stories?

Fruits are the main product of Fruit Trees, which can be obtained by tapping and harvesting them. Fruits also appear on several levels.

Can you harvest the rainbow in Merge dragons?

The Rainbow! cannot be harvested. Tapping this item initially will give you Baby Rainbows.

What do autumn trees do in Merge dragons?

They share the art with the Thanksgiving Trees that were renamed and given new descriptions. Unlike Thanksgiving Trees Autumn Trees are purely cosmetic and cannot be harvested. In out-of-Camp Events Autumn Trees of certain levels are regularly used as Cloud Keys.

What can you do with dragon tree leaves?

A Dragon Tree Leaf is a type of leaf. It can be merged into a Dragon Tree Sapling.

Where does dragon tree leaf come from?

Dracaena marginata, more commonly known as a dragon tree, is an attractive plant with green sword-like, red-edged leaves. Native to Madagascar, the eye-catching spiky tree is known as a great entry plant for household gardeners—it’s easy to care for, drought-tolerant, and nearly indestructible.

How many secret levels are in Merge dragons?

There are currently 26 Secret Levels.

What does the magic beanstalk do in Merge dragons?

Magic Beanstalk is the last level of the Fruit Trees and Wonder #8 of the Merge Dragon World. It cannot be merged further. Tapping this item initially gives you multiple Glowing/Twin Life Flowers, Tribal Dragon Eggs/Nests.

How do you get grass tufts in Merge garden?

How to Gain

  1. Spawns from Water.
  2. Merge 3 or 5 Mysterious Seeds.
  3. Level Rewards.
  4. Possessed Chests.
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How do you get mystery bird eggs in Merge Gardens?

It’s rare but it does happen. You can sometimes get mystery insect eggs from the poplar tree. It’s rare but it does happen. The best way (that I’ve found) to get more eggs is to buy a bunch of Sturdy Tradesman’s Trunks in order to get the Masterpiece from the Vegetable Patches line.

How do you get dead trees in Merge dragons?

Spooky Trees can be found as Rewards, in Dragon Chests, Grimm Chests, Solid Gold Chests, or by merging Sporewood. They also occasionally result from tapping Haunted Houses. Spooky Trees grows Necromancer Grass nearby for a limited amount of times, with the number of grow charges increasing up the level.

How do you get dragon gems in Merge Dragons for free?

How can I get more Gems?

  1. Play Quests! Every time you complete a quest, there is a small chance that instead of a normal, yellow Fallen Star, a purple Dragon Star will appear.
  2. Bring them to Camp! If they appear in a level, don’t tap them!
  3. Merge them in 5s!
  4. Merge the Gems in 5s!

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