Where Is The Largest Dragon Fruit Plantation In The Philippines?

Ilocos Norte province has the largest area planted to dragon fruit in the country. In 2012, the area and number of dragon fruit growers in the said province were 51.21 ha and 289, respectively (Table 3) (DOST-PCAARRD 2012).

Who own the largest dragon fruit farm in the Philippines?

Editha Dacuycuy is the owner and manager of the REFMAD Farm in Paayas, Burgos, Ilocos Norte. She started the farm as a way to ease the condition of her special needs daughter, Kaye, but eventually, she promoted dragon fruit farming to the whole town of Burgos as well as other areas in Ilocos Norte.

Who is the most famous dragon fruit farmer in the Philippines?

Dragon fruit farming is a lucrative business as exemplified by Silan Agri Farm in Indang, Cavite owned by Edilberto Silan and his family. Silan has been into dragon fruit farming for 20 years and is known as the “Dragon Fruit King” in Cavite and a pioneer in planting the crop in the country.

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What is the largest orchard farm in Philippines?

# SummerMangoLove. Rosa Farms is a 12.5-hectare mango-orchard in the coastal province of Zambales, home to the Philippine Carabao Mango.

What is the largest dragon fruit farming the Philippines located in Ilocos Norte?

Paayas in the municipality of Burgos in Ilocos Norte, is known to many as the biggest Dragon Fruit farm in Ilocos!

Is dragon fruit farming profitable Philippines?

Dragon fruit production is a profitable enterprise and a promising means of raising the income of farmers in the Philippines. The continuously increasing land area planted to dragon fruit indicates its great potential as a commercial crop.

Where does Edita Dacuycuy live?

Now, the Dacuycuy-owned REFMAD Farms in Barangay Paayas, Burgos, Ilocos Norte, the first organic dragon fruit plantation in the northern Philippines, has expanded to about 13 hectares and continues to expand.

How profitable is dragon fruit farming?

I started dragon fruit farming with 200 saplings in 2018 on just five decimal (0.05 acres) of land and made a profit of around Rs. 40,000 last year. I have now planted 1200 saplings in 35 decimal (0.35 acres) area anticipating profits.

Is growing dragon fruit profitable?

Clearly, Dragon Fruit cultivation is Profitable from the second year onwards if the price is set at 100 Rs per kilo and from the third year onwards if the price is set at 50 per kilo.

Who is the owner of dragon fruit farm?

Owned by Elmer Velasco Sayre, an agriculture graduate of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, the dragon fruit farm has been developed into a resort with a twist.

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Where is the best farmland in the Philippines?

To help start your Filipino agri-tourism adventure, here is a list of the best farm tour destinations in the Philippines:

  • La Union.
  • Batangas.
  • Pangasinan.
  • Davao.
  • Cordillera.
  • Rizal.
  • Puerto Princesa.
  • Iloilo. Iloilo is one of the prominent provinces in the Visayas region of the Philippines.

What are the famous orchards in the Philippines?

Fruit Pickings for Sweet Cravings: Orchards in the Philippines

  • Grapes from Lomboy Farms – La Union. lomboyfarms.
  • Oranges from Rock Inn and Cafe – Sagada, Mt. Province.
  • Pili Fruits from the Haciendas de Naga Adventure Park – Naga City. cani_tateli.
  • Raspberries from Bangkong Kahoy Valley – Dolores, Quezon. arkizander.

Who is Edith Dacuycuy?

Editha Aguinaldo Dacuycuy, 70, is the acknowledged “dragon fruit queen” of Ilocandia province. She enthused that the dragon fruit has helped keep her cancer at bay, and has also helped minimize Kaye’s seizures and bouts of constipation. “The dragon fruit is rich in Vitamin C, so the immune system is strengthened.

Who was the successful orchard grower in the Philippines ventured into the dragon fruit business?

WHO IS THE ventured into the dragon fruit business? Explanation: Laoag City — The award-winning farming company Edita Dacuycuy is an impressive figure in the Philippines’ dragonfruit industry, even at the age of 73.

What fruit is popular in Davao?

Banana, mango, jackfruit, papaya and pomelo were the most produce fruits in Davao Oriental for two years. Davao City had banana, durian, pineapple, pomelo and mango as the top 5 most harvested crops. In Davao Occidental, banana, mango, papaya, durian and pomelo were the consistent crops in 2019.

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