FAQ: How Does Pear Deck Work?

How does a pear deck work?

Pear Deck combines slide presentations with interactive questions. Students are prompted to enter the Pear Deck website and plug in their unique access code. During each session, teachers can see the presentation as well as the students participating. Student responses appear on the teacher screen in real-time.

How do students use pear decks?

Turn on Email Login so Students Join with an Email Address

  1. Go to Pear Deck Home.
  2. Click on your person icon.
  3. Click My Account.
  4. Click Settings.
  5. Go to the Require Student Logins section. Click ON. Then, choose the account type you want students to use to join your Sessions.

Is Pear deck really anonymous?

While you can see names in the Dashboard, answers are always displayed anonymously on the Projector view in Pear Deck. To hide a particular response from the Projector View, click on the More Actions (three-dots) button next to the name, then click Hide Response.

Can teachers see your work on Peardeck?

Overview. Each Pear Deck Session has three Views: the Projector View, the Student View (which students enter when they join your Session), and the private Teacher Dashboard View. The Dashboard shows students’ names next to their responses and helps you review and evaluate their work.

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How do I power up my Pear Deck?

To use, simply install the Power-up from the Chrome Web Store on the device you use in class. Now when you present with Pear Deck, the Power-up magically enables the display of your videos, animations, and GIFs on the projector and student devices. For more information about Pear Deck, visit www.peardeck.com.

How does Pear Deck work with Zoom?

Start a video call with a service like Zoom, for example. In your video call, click Share or Share your screen. Select the screen with the Pear Deck Projector View to share through your video call. Ask students to join the call.

Do students need to install Pear Deck?

Joining Sessions as a student/ participant does not require a Pear Deck account. However, there are a couple of things to know about student login: Teachers can require students to sign in with a Google or Microsoft Office 365 account when joining their Sessions (recommended). Learn more here.

Can Pear Deck see your screen?

Chromecast the Projector View to your big screen for all students to see. Open a new window and type peardeck.com/dash to open the Dashboard of your latest Session, where you can see individual student responses and control the Projector View privately from your own screen.

Can you join Pear Deck without a Google account?

We’ve just launched a feature that allows you to invite participants to join a Pear Deck presentation without requiring a Google or Microsoft email account! If you turn on Require Student Logins, students will join with their email addresses allowing you to see and track each student’s progress in real time.

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Can anyone Pear Deck?

Teacher/Presenter You may use a personal or organizational account. Schools with Google Apps for Education or Office 365 Education can install Pear Deck for everyone.

Can two teachers share a Pear Deck?

Overview. With the Shared Teacher Dashboard, you can invite co-teachers and certified staff members to your Pear Deck Sessions, giving them full access to your presentation and your students’ responses, in real time or after class. Please note that the Shared Teacher Dashboard is a Premium feature.

Can students save their work on Pear Deck?

While Pear Deck still saves responses automatically, the responses cannot be displayed on the Projector View during a Student-Paced activity. If you want to show answers to the class later, simply turn off Student-Paced, go back to the slide on your Projector View, and show responses.

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