FAQ: What Is The Kieffer Pear Best Used For?

Kieffer pears are best suited for raw applications, cooked applications such as baking and poaching, and canning. They are most commonly used in preserved or canned preparations when their flesh is still firm and holds its shape well.

Are Kieffer pears good eating?

The Kieffer pear is a popular tree for the home landscape. It is one of the hardiest pear varieties and one of the heaviest producers. The Kieffer’s pears, while not as sweet as other varieties, are good for baking, canning and fresh eating. Kieffer pears may be eaten ripe off the tree.

Is Kieffer pear sweet?

Kieffer Pear trees are fast-growing fruit trees that produce a heavy crop of large, tasty fruit. Kieffer pears are sweet, crisp, and juicy. They are excellent for fresh eating, canning, preserves, and baking. These pretty pears are yellow with a red blush.

How do you ripen a Kiefer pear?

(Kieffers need to be picked when mature, but still hard; then they should be ripened in a cool space for two or three weeks until their sugary juices develop and their skins turn slightly yellow.)

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Are Kieffer pears gritty?

Kieffer pears are an old-fashioned cross between the popular European Bartlett pear and the round Chinese “sand pear” or Asian pear. They are widely planted in the southern states. Their flesh is coarse, firm and grainy, yet sweet and juicy.

What is the best tasting pear?

Comice pears are perhaps the best pears for eating raw. They have a great fruity aroma and flavor, as well as a slightly finer, less grainy texture than other pear varieties. They are almost a cross between a Bosc pear and an Asian pear. Comice pears are slightly more rounded and apple-shaped than other pears.

Do deer eat Kieffer pears?

Wildlife enthusiasts plant pear trees (Pyrus spp.), including Kieffer pear trees (Pyrus communis x P. pyrifolia), in their yards to attract deer. Deer love eating the crisp fruit of these trees because they’re rich in sugar, which provide the deer with energy.

How do you eat a Kieffer pear?

They are most commonly used in preserved or canned preparations when their flesh is still firm and holds its shape well. They can also be used in sauces with honey, sugar, or lemon to enhance the sweet flavor. Kieffer pears can be used in baked applications such as cakes, tarts, pies, muffins, bread, and popovers.

What pollinates a Kieffer pear tree?

A Kieffer pear tree’s best pollination chances result from cross-pollinating the Kieffer tree with another Kieffer tree or another European pear tree variety, such as Bartlett or Red Anjou.

When should I pick my Kieffer pears?

Yields ripe fruit typically in mid-September or mid-October. Pick while the fruit is still hard and store in a cool place. Bears a heavy crop, beginning when young and continuing dependably for many years.

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Will Kieffer pears ripen after picking?

You see, there is virtue in this hard fruit if you can’t go to the grocery store every few days: the Kieffer pear stores and ripens after an initial chilling period so this is perfect if you want pears in the root cellar to last through the winter!

How do you prune a Kieffer pear tree?

Cut the tree back to one main whip 2 to 3 feet from the ground at the time of planting. After that, a pruning saw is necessary. Prune the tree again during the winter dormant period after it has gone through one growing season. Remove any limbs growing lower than 18 inches from the ground.

What do you do with pears in the winter?

Winter pears should be put into some kind of cold storage (below 40 degrees F. down to 33 degrees F.) for at least three weeks. After that period, you can start to bring out the fruit as needed to soften up at room temperature.

What is an Orient pear?

The Orient pear is a cross breed of an Asian pear and European. Large, round and yellow in color, Orient pears still offer the familiar sweet taste of their European cousins. The fruit has a thick skin over a creamy, fine flesh with a sweet but mild flavor.

What is an Ayers pear?

The Ayers Pear will display clusters of fragrant, pink and white flowers in the spring. Yellow pears with a red blush fruit will begin to form, and ripen in mid summer. A bite into this old southern favorite will reveal a smooth, sweet and melting flesh. This vigorous fruit tree is fire blight resistant.

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