Often asked: How Does Tea Cake Fullfil Janies Original Youthful Yearning Under The Pear Tree?

How does Tea Cake fulfill Janie’s original and youthful yearning under the pear tree? He brings the perfect kind of union she has been waiting for since she was 16 when she first saw the bee pollinating the pear blossom. With him, Janie feels like a child again and enjoys her life again.

What might Tea Cake teaching Janie to shoot symbolize how is the fact that Janie becomes a better shot than Tea Cake significant?

What might Tea Cake’s teaching Janie to shoot symbolize? Janie becoming better than Tea Cake shows Janie attaining a high masculine power and Tea Cake’s authentic love for her; he does not become jealous or angry at the fact that Janie is better than him.

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How does the pear tree symbolize Janie’s quest for self fulfillment and express her desires?

How does the pear tree symbolize Janie’s quest for self-fulfillment? the blossoming pear tree symbolizes Janie’s emerging woman hood. the tree makes Janie embark on her lifelong quest for love. her motivation was so Janie could have protection and be better off, but not really for love.

How do the attitudes of Janie and Tea Cake affect the tone?

Janie recognizes that his attitude towards women is different than that of Logan or Joe. Describe the overall tone of this chapter. How do the attitudes of Janie and Tea Cake affect the tone? The tone of this chapter is upbeat and optimistic, it is full of hope and encouragement.

What is ironic about tea cakes determination to provide for them?

What is ironic about Tea Cake’s determination to provide for them? He has to do it through gambling which is not a steady job or a way to provide. He also works in the muck to provide. The irony is that he makes her dependent ob him like Logan and Jody.

What does Tea Cake teach Janie How do you do?

As the season begins, Tea Cake and Janie live a comfortable life. They plant beans, Tea Cake teaches Janie how to shoot a gun, and they go hunting together. She eventually develops into a better shot than he.

How does Tea Cake make Janie practice shooting?

How does Tea Cake make Janie practice shooting? shoot little things to make her aim better. she shoots rifle,pistol and shotgun and she became a better shooter than him. They want to have a good time, gambling, telling stories, and listen to Tea Cake play guitar.

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What does the pear tree mainly signify for Janie in relation to Tea Cake?

As Tea Cake is so much younger than her and might be after her money, Janie tries to talk herself out of being attracted to him. Here, the image of the bee attracted to a pear tree symbolizes the sexuality, passion, and natural energy between a man and a woman.

What theme does the pear tree symbolize?

Throughout Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hurston employs the symbolism of a pear tree – its mysteries and wonders – as a representation of Janie’s questions, hopes, and aspirations. The tree embodies the roots of her memories, the branches of her vision, and the blossoming of her dreams.

What does the image of Tea Cake as a pear tree blossom in the spring symbolize?

This time, however, Tea Cake serves as the basis for the comparison. Janie reveals that “he could be a bee to a blossom — a pear tree blossom in the spring.” Neither Logan nor Joe was compared using the metaphor. The image of Tea Cake combing Janie’s hair serves to represent Janie’s new found independence from Joe.

What were the main concerns that Janie had about getting into a relationship with Tea Cake?

What were the main concerns that Janie had about getting into a relationship with Tea Cake? He was young and poor and she was worried he wasn’t serious about a relationship. Why did Tea Cake visit Janie early one morning?

What two new experiences does Tea Cake provide for Janie in this chapter?

Tea Cake brings excitement and new experiences to Janie’s life, starting with the game of checkers. Joe forbid Janie to play the game with him or with other men, probably because that was another way he could exert his power and control over Janie.

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How does Janie feel about Tea Cake after their first meeting?

What game did Janie and Tea Cake play when they first met? ” Besides she liked being lonesome for a change. This freedom feeling was fine.

What does Tea Cake call the land that he works on?

The Everglades. 140. What does Tea Cake call the land that he works on? The muck.

Why does Tea Cake become jealous How does he handle his jealousy?

The summary of chapter 17 of Eyes Were Watching God, was about Tea Cake getting jealous because of ‘Mis Turner’s brother,whom is “bait” to Janie. He let the jealousy take over, and he would occasionaly hit Janie. His friends were jealous of the fact that he had so much power over Janie.

What shocking thing does Tea Cake do?

She grabs the cow’s tail for safety, but the dog begins to attack her. Tea Cake dives to the rescue and wrestles in the water with the beast, who bites him on the cheek before he stabs it to death. The next day, Janie and Tea Cake reach Palm Beach, a scene of chaotic destruction.

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