Often asked: Shiner Prickly Pear Beer Where To Buy?

Does Shiner still make prickly pear?

Instead, we are reminded of this truth: the beer gods giveth and the beer gods taketh away. Prickly Pear no longer has stand-alone seasonal status, and it’s relegated once again to a variety pack. Why, Shiner, why?

Where is Shiner sold?

Spoetzl started distributing Shiner Bock nationally in 1991, Distribution began exclusively to Nashville. That’s right, for its first 82 years, if you didn’t live in Texas, you were SOL. Today, the company distributes to every state except Hawaii.

Can you buy beer at the Shiner brewery?

Save your money and go to Patek grocery and buy Shiner beer there. It makes better since to spend $30 on the beer than $30 for a tour.

How do I order Shiner Bock online?

Shiner Bock – Buy Online | Drizly.

Is Shiner a wheat beer?

SHINER Strawberry Blonde This Kolsch-style lager uses a blend of Two-row, wheat and Munich malts. What really makes this refreshing brew unique is the infusion of ripe strawberries from Poteet, the Strawberry Capital of Texas.

Is Shiner sold in Tennessee?

Distribution. The fish is distributed throughout several river basins in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. It occurs in much of the Tennessee River drainage, especially the upper tributaries, and the Cumberland and Green River drainages.

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Can you buy Shiner in California?

Shiner Bock is making its debut on the West Coast. The beer, brewed by Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas, is now available in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County. The brand will expand to Northern California soon.

Where is ZiegenBock sold?

This American-style amber lager, offers notes of roasted grains in the aroma and a sweet, smooth taste with a hop finish. Brewed in Houston, ZiegenBock is a beer of the South. Only available in Texas.

Can you ship Shiner beer?

Can you send some my way? We’ll be happy to send you some of our Shiner bottle caps and beer labels. Just send us your mailing address.

Is Shiner an import?

Shiner, as you indicate, comes from Shiner, here in Texas, and while it isn’t imported, it can be considered somewhat fancy and will often fall into that price category and therefore be listed under the menu heading “Imported.” Miscategorization?

What beer is similar to Shiner Bock?

Santo is what Saint Arnold founder Brock Wagner calls a “Black Kölsch,” and it, much like Shiner Bock, has roots in classic German brewing. Regulars of Bock will find familiar caramel notes and a very similar crisp finish.

Does Walmart carry Shiner Bock?

Shiner Bock, 12 pack, 12 fl oz – Walmart.com.

Is Shiner Bock a good beer?

Though it isn’t a Bock in a traditional sense, Shiner Bock is a wonderful beer for two major reasons. First, it is relatively flavorful compared to most beers in its market segment (pale, flavorless, macro lagers). The aroma especially is reminiscent of stronger, malt-forward German dark lagers.

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