Question: How To Use Pear Db In Php?

What is PEAR DB library in PHP?

PEAR::DB is an advanced, object-oriented database library that provides full database abstraction – that is, you use the same code all your databases. If you want your code to be as portable as possible, PEAR::DB provides the best mix of speed, power, and portability. php include_once(‘DB.

Which method is used to connect database in PEAR DB?

Connects to the ODBC database by calling connect() with a DSN that specifies the DB ODBC driver and an Easysoft ODBC driver data source. Uses the new DB connection object that connect() creates to execute a SQL query and obtain a DB result object.

Which database is best for PHP?

MySQL remains most popular database for PHP applications. The database is the most popular open-source database in the world. The enterprise version of the database is available as well and is a paid one. Many popular applications like SugarCRM, Magento, WordPress and Drupal use mySQL.

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Which method is used to issue query in a Peardb?

Issuing a Query. The query( ) method on a database object sends SQL to the database: $result = $db->query (sql); A SQL statement that doesn’t query the database (e.g., INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) returns the DB_OK constant to indicate success.

Which function in PEAR DB outputs the number of rows returned from select query?

The query() method returns an MBD2_Result object on success, while exec() returns the number of rows affected by the query, if any.

Which are the different class methods and object methods available in PEAR DB library?

The library is object-oriented, with a mixture of class methods ( DB::connect( ), DB::iserror( ) ) and object methods ( $db->query( ), $q->fetchInto( ) ).

Which PEAR DB methods provide information on a query result object?

With DB there are four ways to retrieve useful information about the query result sets themselves:

  • numRows() tells how many rows are in a SELECT query result.
  • numCols() tells how many columns are in a SELECT query result.
  • affectedRows() tells how many rows were altered by a data change query (INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE)

What is data source name in PEAR DB?

To connect to a database through PEAR::DB, you have to create a valid DSN – data source name. This DSN consists in the following parts: phptype: Database backend used in PHP (i.e. mysql, odbc etc.) dbsyntax: Database used with regards to SQL syntax etc.

Which database methods permits placeholders?

PEAR DB provides a number of methods that perform a query and fetch the results in one step: getOne( ), getRow( ), getCol( ), getAssoc( ), and getAll( ). All of these methods permit placeholders.

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How many database are use in PHP?

PHP has support for over 20 databases, including the most popular commercial and open source varieties. Relational database systems such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle are the backbone of most modern dynamic web sites.

What databases can PHP connect to?

PHP 5 and later can work with a MySQL database using: MySQLi extension (the “i” stands for improved) MySQL Examples in Both MySQLi and PDO Syntax

  • MySQLi (object-oriented)
  • MySQLi (procedural)
  • PDO.

Which database is best for website?

Top 7 Database You Must Know For Software Development Projects

  1. Oracle. Oracle is the most popular RDBMS written in assembly language C, C++, and Java.
  2. MySQL. MySQL is a very popular open-source RDBMS which is used by most of the major tech companies.
  3. Microsoft SQL Server.
  4. PostgreSQL.
  5. MongoDB.
  6. IBM DB2.
  7. Elasticsearch.

What is Pear explain the modules of pear?

PEAR is short for “PHP Extension and Application Repository” and is pronounced just like the fruit. A structured library of open-source code for PHP users. A system for code distribution and package maintenance. A standard style for code written in PHP, specified here.

Which one of the following methods is responsible for sending the query to the database?

Explanation: The method mysqli_query() is responsible for sending the query to the database.

What type of language is SQL?

Five types of SQL queries are 1) Data Definition Language (DDL) 2) Data Manipulation Language (DML) 3) Data Control Language(DCL) 4) Transaction Control Language(TCL) and, 5) Data Query Language (DQL) Data Definition Language(DDL) helps you to define the database structure or schema.

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